Team Sheppard's Polar Challenge 2010:
Team Sheppard successfully completed the world's toughest challenge by racing 350 Nautical miles across the High Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole . Kevin competed in temperatures reaching as low as minus 45 degrees. During the Polar Challenge I battled against extreme dangers such as falling through thin ice, hypothermia, severe frostbite & trying to avoid encountering one of the world’s most dangerous predators - The Polar Bear!!

During the Extreme Polar Challenge 2010 Team Sheppard was raising money & awareness to support a local charity - Winston's Wish. Also achieving Team Sheppard's ultimate aim:

Ultimate Aim: Wanting to make a difference to children's lives.

To find out more about Winston’s Wish, visit their website as follows:


Background to Kevin Sheppard:

I was brought up and live in Gloucestershire and attended Ingleside School and Cirencester Deer Park School through my youth.

When I was just 13 years old I lost my brother Andrew to a motor bike accident. This devastated me and my family in coming to terms with the tragic loss and how valuable life is when it's cut so short. Losing my brother when I was so young was hard during my growing up and took a long time to come to terms with not being able to share life's experiences with someone that's important to you. I know if my brother was around today he would be immensely proud of my life achievements and my future ambitions.

I’m lucky to have parents who have given me all the love and support through my life experiences and have given me encouragement to reach out to achieve all my goals & ambitions. I have two adorable nieces that mean the world to me and love spending as much time as possible with them and being a part of their growing up. They both know how to bring a good smile to my face when needed most and I love my close family dearly.

After leaving School I joined the Armed Forces and undertook 1 year’s basic training as a Junior Army Soldier. On completion of my training I was to serve with the Royal Corp of Transport (RCT) and posted to Germany for 4 years where I served with my regular unit based in Munster. I was an accomplished triathlete for the British Army and the highlight of my career was when I competed in the GKN Triathlon Championship based in South Cerney, Nr. Cirencester.

After leaving the Armed Forces I went onto achieving one of my lifelong ambitions and in 2006 undertook a trek to the 'Roof Of The World' in the Himalayas and reached the Everest Base Camp. The whole journey was truly a wonderful and amazing experience and after reaching the Base Camp I was extremely cold and exhausted but the views were truly amazing to see and behold!! 

Too see more please link onto the following link; Himalayas & Everest B.Camp 2006